Breathtaking places, exceptional locations, beached and unspoiled, and millennia-old villages. Liguria offers its visitors a wide range of activities and experiences, ensuring that Grand Hotel Torre Fara guests have an unforgettable experience.

Due to its proximity to Portofino and the Cinque Terre, Torre Fara is the perfect place to stay and fully enjoy these natural wonders, but not only. Chiavari, the town where

Torre Fara

was built over eighty years ago, is the perfect place to relax or go shopping away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism and provides privacy and confidentiality. The proximity then to Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante and the Bay of Silence make the Grand Hotel Torre Fara a strategic choice for conveniently visiting Tigullio and eastern Liguria. Genoa, with its historic alleyways, Europe’s largest Aquarium and a very long list of cultural attractions, is also within easy reach, being reachable in less than an hour by car, cab or train.

Not to be missed, then, are marine experiences, such as outings by sailboat or boat, or visits to the hinterland, rich in charm and history, which allow guests who wish to do so to experience an active vacation surrounded by beautiful places.

Portofino and
San Fruttuoso

Treat yourself to a tour in iconic Portofino, leaving directly from the Grand Hotel Torre Fara and reaching the village conveniently by private boat. An experience that will take you back in time, allowing you to experience magical atmospheres and being able to enjoy one of the most iconic places in the world while avoiding the crowds of mass tourism. Docking directly in the famous “Piazzetta” is one of those experiences to be had at least once in a lifetime. From Portofino then it is also possible to visit the thousand-year-old abbey of San Fruttuoso or the enchanting Paraggi.

The Cinque Terre

The five best-known villages in the world, coveted by millions of tourists, are less than an hour’s drive from Grand Hotel Torre Fara. Guests of the Grand Hotel Torre Fara will also have the option of visiting them by boat, departing from the Port of Chiavari, or conveniently by train, the best way to reach them. These small towns nestled on Ligurian cliffs are ideal to visit during the periods between May and June and between September and October, when tourists give way to the local life of fishermen and small historic stores.


The Grand Hotel Torre Fara stands in one of the most iconic structures in Chiavari, a Tigullio town renowned for its quality of life and top-notch services. Also known as the “city of arcades,” it can boast numerous clothing boutiques, historic cafes and a long pedestrian street dedicated to shopping, the famous “straight caruggio.” In addition, its recently redeveloped waterfront and numerous beaches allow Grand Hotel Torre Fara’s guests to visit without ever using a car, avoiding parking lot streaming and experiencing relaxation and fun.

the hinterland

The picturesque Ligurian hinterland with its lush valleys is still a little-known destination, but no less pleasant to visit. Val d’Aveto, a jewel hidden among the majestic mountains of the Ligurian Apennines, or Val Graveglia with its mines and again Val Fontanabuona with its quarries of fine slate are fascinating places to discover. Thanks to their breathtaking landscapes, lush forests and unspoiled nature, it will be possible to enjoy trekking and mountain biking, or take advantage of traditional Ligurian zero-mile cuisine while living an authentic experience.

events from the territory

Chiavari, Tigullio and the Ligurian Region are home to a variety of events of national and international caliber each year. Choosing the Grand Hotel Torre Fara to stay while attending these events ensures that you will always be centrally located, while maintaining the privilege of a breathtaking view of the Tigullio Gulf and the Portofino Coast.

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